Educational Goals
Creating researchers, scientists, innovators, and inventors
Emphasis on
  • Mastering scientific, mathematical and technological concepts, principles.
  • Nurturing creative and inquisitive minds.
  • Passion for learning.
  • Integrity, morality and righteousness.
Educational Values
  1. To have a sense of responsibility, leadership, self-worth, pride, discipline, morality, ethics, compassion, public service
  2. To have thorough and well-rounded knowledge of science and mathematics concepts as characteristics of researchers, inventors, innovators, and developers in mathematics, science and technology
  3. To possess knowledge and proficiency of foreign languages as well as the ability to effectively utilize media and information technology
  4. To approach learning with a systematic and inquiring critical mind, to be well-rounded and able to integrate a wide range of knowledge
  5. To be aware and proud of the Thai identity: our language, arts and culture and wisdom; to understand our national history and uphold democratic values; to be confident in cross-cultural situation
  6. To maintain maximum mental and physical well-being
  7. To develop the following as necessary for a quality life
    • Interpersonal skill
    • Critical and creative thinking skill
    • Communication skill
    • Learning skill
    • Problem-solving skill
    • Planning skills and self-discipline