School Introduction
Mahidol Wittayanusorn School (MWITS) which in its English translation means “Prince Mahidol Memorial Science School” is funded by the government. Besides fulfilling the national curriculum requirement of the Ministry of Education for nationwide public and private schools, MWITS has a well-designed curriculum with a high degree of specialization in mathematics, and science as well as a requirement to complete a science project. In addition, MWITS offers a variety of elective courses in areas of the student’s interest. The conception of MWITS is the result of the country’s vision to produce well-rounded, responsible individuals with high capacity in science, mathematics , and technology, and also have a commitment to contribute to the country’s future competitiveness.
MWITS takes pride in nurturing and developing exceptionally gifted Grade 10-12 students. The school’s annual intake is 240, with total student enrollment of 720, and 24 students in each class across three grades. MWITS is a public and autonomous boarding school governed by a school board and managed by a school principal who reports directly to the Minister of Education.
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Wisdom makes man pure.MWITS Motto
School Vision
MWITS strives to nurture innovative thinkers who combine high morals and integrity with a passion to further develop the country.
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As a Model School
In Academic Year 2008, MWITS, under the agreement with the Ministry of Education, was appointed as a model school for the 12 Princess Chulabhorn’s Colleges (PCC) which are the Regional Science High Schools, in different provinces around the country. Each PCC accepts students with especially high ability in Science and Mathematics from schools in neighboring provinces. By using the same criteria and procedures used for MWITS students, each PCC selects at least one class of 24 students which follows the MWITS curriculum.