Voices of MWITS Alumi
Voices of MWITS Alumni
Almost all MWITS students graduate with top honors, and have made the school proud with admissions to the world’s top Ivy Leagueuniversities. Since a large majority of MWITS students are from humble beginnings, the school is especially proud of its students’ achievements in obtaining scholarships from these top-ranked universities in the world. A good percentage of students also go on and win the Thai government scholarships to pursue their degree from bachelors to doctorates in order to fulfill their ambition of being researchers and scientists.



I am not a genius… however, the fact that I am a physics major at Cornell University, which has one of the best physics departments in the world, is evidence of the solid science foundation I obtained at MWITS”.

Udom Sae-Ueng
Current: Cornell University, Bachelor of Arts, Physics
Future: PhD in Physics
Honors:  Royal Thai Scholarship to complete a Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree in the United States 
Dean’s List Cornell University: Fall’05, Spring’06, & Spring’08
(1) CSR including Shielding in the Beam Dynamics code Bmad, David C. Sagan, G.H. Hoffstaetter, C.E. Mayes, U. Sae-Ueng, Proceedings EPAC08,Genoa/IT (2008)
(2) Extended 1D method for Coherent Synchrotron Radiation including Shielding, D.C. Sagan, G.H. Hoffstaetter, C.E. Mayes, U. Sae-Ueng, submitted to Phys. Rev. ST-AB and arXiv 0806.2893v1 (2008)



A member of the team of the world’s first invention “Siam Gasohol Kit (SG-Kit)”, led by Prof. Duangjai Nakhapreecha of FIRST (Flow Innovation-Research for Science and Technology Laboratories) - Mahidol University. This innovation can read the result of ethanol level in fuel accurately within 2 minutes.
I always thought I would be a doctor. That was before I came to MWITS. The school’s exceptional curriculum introduced me to the world of Chemistry and from there on I knew that this was IT!...The numerous lab works, field trips to research institutes and the chance to work alongside famous Chemistry professors made it all so fascinating! Should I have gone to another school, I would not have discovered my real calling!

Veerasak Srisuknimit
Current: Harvey Mudd College, CA, USA, Chemistry
Honors: Gold Medal, Int’l Chemistry Olympiad ’06; National Excellent Youth in Mathematics, Science, Computer and Technology, Royal Thai Government’06; 2nd Thailand Innovation Award Competition’07 & Royal Thai Scholarship to complete undergraduate to doctorate



The country’s No. 1 student in the national ONET(Ordinary National Educational Test) examination for Grade 12 in 2008, scoring the highest in five core subjects.

At MWITS, I found my true vocation in life. The curriculum and training allowed me to be inquisitive. Teachers were great and devoted and I owe my small success today to them.

Thanchanok Teeraratkul
Current: Dana Hall School, Grade 12
Honors: Royal Thai Scholar (Awarded by National Telecommunication Commission to study telecommunication engineering in America)



Scholar of Ministry of Science Thailand

I still cannot believe how far I have come. I used to have no dreams, no purpose, until I got to meet the most talented, the most special, and the most unique teachers and students, who inspired me to set up my own determination that finally brought me here. To me, those three years in MWITS was truly precious
Pratch Piyawongwisal  
Current: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Degree currently pursuing: BS Computer Engineering, with special focus in Database and Management Information System
Achievement: Ministry of Science Technology (MST) Scholarship to study Undergraduate to Ph.D.



The country’s highest scorer in mathematics in the Ordinary National Educational Test (ONET) 2007 and President of MWITS Student Council 2007

I changed from a teenager who thought only about himself
to the one who thinks more about others and about the country. MWITS destructed my selfishness.

Soravit Changpinyo
Degree currently pursuing: Computer Science, Brown University
Honors: Full scholarship from The Development and Promotion of Science and Technology Talents Project (DPST) to study Computer Science to Doctoral level
Third placing in Brown University’s Annual Hartshorn-Hypatia Math Competition among freshmen
Highest score on Kent’s team, which ranked 4th from 85 participants inthe 20th Annual WPI Invitational Math Meet, and won $1,000 scholarships to study at WPI. Distinction Award from Australian National Chemistry Quiz



The only thing I expected when I first stepped in MWITS was to experience high level of academic environment, but what I got was amazingly much more. Not-to-mentioned ‘intensive’ curriculum, best learning environment, and countless outstanding teachers, MWITS had taught me how to learn effectively and have fun at the same time. Community services and student activities organized by the school were things I got the most out of. They not only enhanced my social skills, but also enabled me to meet so many cool friends. We helped each other and learned that we could contribute more. We shared our dreams and we believed that with our passion, it would come true. We worked hard and we knew that our successes would  mean our country’s future. MWITS is actually molding students to be great learners and excellent leaders who are ready to drive the country forward together.
Jatuporn Leksut  
Current: Bachelor degree in Computer Science, George Washington University
Honors: Full Scholarship from Ministry of Science and Technology, Royal Thai Embassy, for undergraduate to doctoral degree in Computer Science



"I learned a lot from MWITS, not only the knowledge from classes but practical experiences such as, how to deal with various kinds of people, how to keep a balance between work and extra-curricular activities, and how tobe a leader. MWITS gave me an opportunity that I wouldhave never gotten if I was  in other schools.

I learned programming from the required programming classes. I liked it a lot, so I decided to join the IPST camps and participated in the Olympics.   That's why I'm here at MIT today. Thank you, MWITS.
Phitchaya Phothilimthan
University: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Degree currently pursuing: BS. in Computer Science
Honors: Silver medal in International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) 2007, bronze medal in IOI2006. A full scholarship from The Development and Promotion of Science and Technology Talents Project (DPST) to study Computer Science to Doctoral level.



"I dreamed to be a doctor for 16 years.
But being at MWITS, it made me realized
that I could be a scientist. MWITS didn't put
me on the science track or forced me to love
science, but it taught me how to inquire, think,
and understand reality. I'm proud to say I was
schooled there!
Rujapak Sutiwisesak
Current:Brown University, USA
Degree currently pursuing: BSc in Biochemistry (and Pharmaceutical Science for PhD.)
Honors: School representative at the RITS International Science Fair in Kyoto, Japan and a full scholarship from to study in the US.