MWITS Milestone
1990 – 1999 Established as the first science high school in Thailand under a cooperative project between the General Education Department of the Ministry of Education and Mahidol University.
2000 Transformed into a public organization with full autonomy in administration, governed by a school board comprised of well-known Thai scientists and scholars.
Since 2004 MWITS students have successfully represented Thailand in International Mathematics and Science Olympiads and have continued to do so to the subsequent years to present. (See International Olympiad medal table)
2005 Initiated and hosted the First International Student Science Fair with participants from 49 schools and from 19 countries.
2005 - 2007 Achieved the highest overall score in the national examination on five core subjects; Mathematics, Science, Thai, English and Social Studies.
2008 - 2012 MWITS’s successful student admission criteria and screening procedures are applied to 12 Princess Chulabhorn’s Colleges, and also to 11 new science high schools affiliated to universities in different parts of the country.
2013 – present MWITS has expanded its academic assisting to another 12 high schools nationwide in escorting those schools academically and financially.