Principle of Customized Curriculum
Academic Courses
  • To offer various choices of electives in science, math, and technology-related subjects.
  • To cover all subjects required by the Ministry of Education.
  • To promote and encourage the acquisition of a second foreign language.
Creative Research Activities
  • To encourage the development of creativity in research as well as science project management skills.
Leadership Activities
  • To foster studentsí cognitive, moral, and physical development.
  • To promote and support independent self-study and self-development in areas of interest.
  • To instill moral awareness and social responsibility through participation in community services.
  • To promote knowledge transfer and know-how from a multitude of learning sources.
Graduation Criteria
  • Completion of at least 86 credits (40 credits of required courses, 39 credits of compulsory specialized courses, and at least 7 credits of elective courses) with an overall GPA of no less than 2.00.
  • Successful assessment of reading, writing and critical thinking as based on criteria set by the school.
  • Successful assessment of desirable characteristics based on criteria set by the school.
  • Participating in a wide range of extra-curricular activities based on studentís interests and aptitudes in accordance with the requirement set by the school.
Customized curriculum
With exceptionally high IQs, MWITS students are able to complete the three-year normal course of high school study set by the Ministry of Education in half the time of its usual duration. To make up for the excess hours, the school has introduced a multitude of additional scientific subjects to maximize the potential of our students, especially in the areas of science, mathematics and technology. At MWITS, learning goes beyond the traditional environment, to mould young talents into respected, well-rounded individuals for their respective future careers.